William Kamkwamba, windmill designer is coming to Ghana

William Kamkwamba 21 years, epitomises the Maker Faire ethos, he assembled and fashioned PVC pipe, bicycle parts, long wooden poles and other bric a brac into a machine (a windmill) capable of generating sufficient current to power lights and a radio in his parents’ house.

William with the second windmill he contsructed in Malawi

William with the 2nd windmill he constructed

William’s natural engineering talent and his endless curiosity gave him the confidence to embark on the seemingly impossible. He has since written a book and set up a blog covering his experiences and ideas which is now inspiring many. His book with the poetic title ‘The Boy who harnessed the wind’ has been described by Ethan Zuckerman and Emeka Okafor as not only a personal history but also a tale which provides insights into how to make it possible for other remarkable individuals, anywhere in the world to reach their potential. William is also a TED Fellow.

William will be presenting his work at Make Faire Africa updating the audience on his work with solar designs;reliable electricity machines and study at the African Leadership Academy

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  1. Steve Thomas says:

    There used to be an old saying that a person is a product of his environment. Mr. Kamkwamba has obviously proven that saying to be false. He has astonishing initiative, determination and intelligence. He is an inspiration to young people all over the world. I wish him the very best of success as he pursues his dreams. This spark could very well lead Malawi into a new age of prosperity which in turn could overflow to surrounding nations.

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