Maker Faire Africa Event on Facebook

Maker Faire Africa, 2010 has an event page on Facebook where we would like to invite you to join us. There you can see who else is coming already. We already have 74 people coming, but of course we want lots more people to join us.

We have quite a number of interesting makers coming to show their work and workshops for people to follow. Just heard for example that Fab Lab from Nairobi are expected to join us, the Fab Fi team are known for making very resourceful wireless systems and of the people from BLOC UK who have been working up country in Kwale with making interesting solutions to peoples needs there with designers form the UK and Kenya joining forces. Workshops such as ‘Ask an Engineer’ are being orchestrated as we speak.

So join us on Facebook and hopefully see you at the University of Nairobi for ‘Makers’ interaction

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  1. kelvin were says:

    love to join you

  2. Thank you! You usually create very exciting posts. You improved my mood.

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