Kibera’s Victorious Youth Group

In a small self-built workshop at the edge of Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums, a group of craftspeople, designers and artists create jewelry out of old butcher bones.  Employing 23 members full-time, Victorious trains and employs at-risk youth in bonecraft.  We are excited to have them joining us at Maker Faire Africa 2010.

3 Responses to “Kibera’s Victorious Youth Group”
  1. Fatimata Ly says:

    Thank you for showcasing what Africa’s has to offer, it’s know-how and sense of transformation and so much more!

  2. jennifer says:

    Hello, Fati! Thank you for all the love you’re giving MFA on your blog. :) Wish you could be joining us in Kenya.. things are shaping up for what is looking more and more like a fantastic event. Maybe next year we can get you to MFA for a workshop…

    (Anyone reading this, check out Fati’s blog, “Pattern & Texture by Essence”

  3. Jeb says:

    What a fantastic site. All this good work going on. I wish I had the resources to get these goods to all the people who would like to buy them. Fantastic

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