Emeka Okafor on Maker Faire Africa 2010

Emeka Okafor is a venture catalyst and entrepreneur. He lives in New York City. He is the Maker Faire Africa curator.

Emeka points out some very interesting facts on Maker Faire Africa’s contributions:

  • creates awareness for African innovation
  • helps cialis online pharmacy build a “productive class” whose foundation is laid on building problem solving systems
  • celebrates the existing knowledge of individual African countries and connects it across the continent and abroad
  • building a community is a basis for business
  • African makers focus on things for which there seems to be an immediate need/market
  • the biggest market is the indigenous

2 Responses to “Emeka Okafor on Maker Faire Africa 2010”
  1. Bop da says:

    […] The modern design of Africa is modern design as we see it. The designers need to be credited for their work and not have their works nor lives stolen by European and Asian showroom owners. The problem of the “Modern” design model as we know it was that it leaned toward neo-naziism and its economics were not sustainable to human life and alot of what we are wowed by was at the expense of people-groups, mostly Black and African people groups. Is it really a good thing for African nations to follow suit in becoming “undertakers”–morticians–from which entrepreneurship and/or enterprise is derived from, for the sake of technological progress? How does anyone produce and further technology without stimulation by genocide and war? Is it possible? I think Africans out of their integrity and moral greatness will be at the forefront a new mode of design-business that is sustainable to not only air and trees but to human beings and the sanctity of human life. I love creative design and especially modern design, but I love to see people feeding themselves, their families and alive even more.[…]

  2. Good job Emeka.

    We’ve been trying to apply the little we know, especially in the field of eco-construction (see shadaonline.co.ke) and at times feel like we are all alone in this.

    Thanks, we’ll talk soon.


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