Are There Two Maker Faire’s in Africa this Year?

Yes there are. We’ve had some inquiries as to the two different Maker Faire events within Africa this year, so let us try to clarify the two fairs with this post.

Maker Faire Africa’s yearly fair is taking place in Cairo, Egypt this year, from October 6-8th. Maker Faire Kumasi is a ‘mini maker fair’, organized by our friends at MIT”s D-Lab as part of their International Design & Development Summit (IDDS) being held in Ghana this year.

The advent of Maker Faire Kumasi signifies the deepening of a maker community across the continent. We are delighted with the emergence of events that share the Maker Faire Africa ethos. We wish the Maker Faire Kumasi team the best and encourage our community to stay abreast of developments from Kumasi as they unfold. In the lead up to Maker Faire Africa 2011: Cairo, we will be announcing our full schedule of workshops & events. This year, the fair expands to 3 full days with workshops in Seed Funding, Industrial Design, Synthetic Biology, Arduino Kinetics, and more.

Maker Faire Africa 2011: Cairo presents makers from around Africa with the opportunity to interact with  fellow maker communities across the continent.

Admission + workshops are free to all accepted Makers. Lunches and snacks are also provided, as well as some evening social activities. The top 6-8 applicants from outside Egypt will receive full scholarships which cover all travel to and from the fair, room accommodations, and meals. So we encourage Makers from across the continent to apply to the Egypt event soon.

Hope to see you in Cairo!

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