A Palette of Pallets : the Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy

Pallets.  A long-time favorite of those who love to make, and we’re no exception.  Considered by some viagra usa to be the single most important object in the global economy, after seeing this amazing Baobab Tree created in South Africa, we couldn’t resist a post reminding ourselves of what a great resource they can be.  Over 80% of worldwide commerce (not just U.S.) moves around on pallets.  Over 2 billion are in circulation worldwide, in virtually every country, and over 2/3 of them are used only once.  We hope the trend isn’t over.

What would you do with them, Lagos?  Send us your sketch, and we just may build your design at our fair next weekend!



 Above : Bicycle Powered Baobab tree made from recycled pallets by Daniel Popper.


Fold-Out Pallet Chair by Gas & Air Studios, via DesignMilk.


 Meditation Chamber by Phil Allard and Justin Duchesneau



Theater Made From Recycled Pallets by Oudendijk and Korbes


 Upcycled Pallet Planting Bed, via TreeHugger.



Pallet Work Table.  Plans available here.  We think a rougher’ version would be just as useful and have even more character.



2 Responses to “A Palette of Pallets : the Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy”
  1. I hadn’t realized pallets were so ubiquitous, but it stands to reason.

    May I know where the pallet building looking like a large cube was taken, and to whom it should be attributed?

    I would like to incorporate it in DSBE’s Logistical Services logo.

  2. jennifer says:

    Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve added the credit and the link to where it was made.

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