Chix with Soldering Irons : How to Make a Chicken Wire Pendant


We love these chicken wire pendants from tvtrayart.  And since planning our fair only requires 20 hours a day, we thought we’d spend those few extra hours making one.  Just grab a piece of small gauge chicken wire, sandwich between two pieces of found glass (we cut ours from an old picture frame) and solder the edges.  You can add seed beads or any other found objects you’d like between the squares, and since the chicken wire is sandwiched, they’ll move around a little when the pendant is shaken.  An old key ring serves as the bracelet.  We’ll have all the materials available in the Maker Space tent at our fair if you want to try one!  If you’re really adventurous, you can try adding some electronics components… don’t worry, we’ll show you how!  We made ours for a whopping total of 25 naira (of course we already have the soldering iron & solder) just to keep it simple, but imagine it with a full swag of swinging beads at the bottom… beautiful, we think!

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