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Find a Maker, Make a Film.  You could win a GoPro Hero3 Professional HD Video Camera with bicycle mount, a copy of Adobe Premiere and a 1-Year Vimeo Pro Account, for an extreme jumpstart to your film soft cialis career.  They could win 100,000 Naira to push their invention forward.  Details & Registration information below.  Like us on our “Made in Nigeria” Facebook page to share your ideas, inspiration, questions & comments… and ultimately, your film!


Sponsored by Innovate Lagos, a Lagos State Government Project.




Film shorts are an essential storytelling tool for building community and support around inventors and the things they make. Film shorts have helped independent tradesmen gain support from their local neighbors by instilling pride within their community about a legacy of making.  When they go viral, they can propel a small business in one country into the public eye of another, expanding its global reach and building bridges between cultures.  So, it’s no surprise that the film short is the single most critical element for a successful Kickstarter campaign in the U.S., raising seed funds in excess of $310 million for inventors, artists & entrepreneurs, in just three years time.  Could film shorts have helped launch the Maker Movement around the world?  Absolutely.  When we experience the process of making, it enhances our appreciation of the item that has been made; when we identify its origins, we better understand its use.  It is this understanding that drives community around a maker and the object which she/he has made, forging our collective desire for them to continue; to make more for us.  Without the need to verbalize our agreement out loud, we somehow decide, together, “yes, we need this” in our world.


Africa needs more of this kind of storytelling.  Its makers need to tell these stores to their country; its countries need to tell these stories to one another, and to other countries in the world.  It needs a socially connected creative community rallying around its inventors and makers as we’ve seen elsewhere in the world where making is a critical force for economic stability.  Storytelling needs storytellers and there are many to be found across the continent, but with Lagos, the heart of Nollywood, being our host for MFA 2012, we think it’s the perfect time & place to take this project on a test run.  So Nigerian filmmakers, we’re putting this challenge to you.  Show us the inventors, the makers, the artisans of your country.  Who’s making, where are they making, what are they making and why?


Tell us a story about the things being made (or the things that could be), and why it’s so important that they’re Made in Nigeria.


Deadline for entries is 30th November, Midnight.   Email us to Register for the Film Challenge and get a copy of the guidelines and film tips.









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