Sponsors of Maker Faire Africa 2011 can be assured they are reaching an audience of enthusiastic & curious innovators.  Sponsors of Maker Faire Africa bring the importance of individual making & community manufacturing to the decision-makers, educators and industry on the continent.  MFA showcases the vast number of makers who are part of an informal industry which makes up a considerable portion of ‘informal manufacturing’ throughout Africa.  MFA makers, and their exhibits at the fair, provide the community with an opportunity to better understand, assess and evaluate new ideas & emerging technologies, in a fun and exploratory manner.  To find out more about sponsorship opportunities for an MFA event, please review our

MFA11 Sponsorship Brochure

If you are interested in a potential funding partnership with us for MFA2011 in Cairo, Egypt, please contact:

Emeka Okafor



Sponsorship of MFA helps nurture and support the self-sustaining start-ups of tomorrow. Building interest in underdeveloped but key industries of technology, chemical and biotech will allow further engagement with academia, industry, government, and investor participants. Your company or organization will participate in a unique creative endeavor, which will attract leading edge interest from industry, finance and academia. In addition you will have the opportunity to meet, interact and showcase with the thought leaders that are driving innovation, ingenuity, fabrication and industrialization in Africa.

Maker Faire Africa 2010 in Nairobi and 2009 in Accra were two successful events; you can learn more about them and see photo galleries.  You can also follow us on Twitter via #MFA11 for news and updates on this year’s Maker Faire Africa 2011 in Cairo, October 6-8th.