Dominic Wanjihia building the solar dryer he invented.

Dominic Wanjihia building the solar dryer he invented.

[Snipped from Afrigadget] Dominic Wanjihia is from Kenya, and he’s here at Maker Faire Africa in Ghana because of the innovative designs and solutions that he comes up with for problems that ordinary Africans face. We had profiled one of his earlier inventions, an evapocooler for camel milk in Somalia, last year.

He’s been in Accra this last week working in the timber yards in Makola building a food dryer and a food cooler to show at the event. Both of them use air, and the dryer takes advantage of the heat from the sun. More detailed posts will be coming on them, but here’s a few shots of him and the carpenters building the devices.

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The Maker Faire is all about Makers and meetings. In order to facilitate more exchange between makers and other makers and between makers and attendees Butterfly Works is running a Match a Maker service.

Everyone at the Maker Faire will be invited to take part, fill in the form or text their request to a mobile number. Then we will match up people who have related requests. We know that many of the attendees even if they are not presenting their work during the Faire itself are in fact entrepeneurs, innovators, trend watchers etc. In this way they will have another channel to meet up with people who need their services. Matches could include for example a programmer in Kenya meeting a new client from Ghana, a designer from Ghana meeting with an international group of makers.
Watch this space or the Maker Faire Africa twitter for the mobile number, so you can take part even if not present. After the event we will report on some of the best matches made.


Dominic Wanjihias Evapocooler, used to keep Somali herders milk cool, profiled at

Dominic Wanjihia's "Evapocooler," used to keep Somali herders' milk cool, profiled at

Thanks to the generosity of an MFA supporter, Kenyan inventor Dominic Wanjihia will be attending Maker Faire Africa. Dominic, who first came to the anonymous donor’s attention through an article published on AfriGadget in 2008, describes himself as, “an inventor of appropriate technology, environmentally friendly gadgets applicable to … the empowerment of rural people.” Among his inventions are:


  1. The Malaria Integrated Vector Management (IVM) Disc
  2. An evaporative cooler
  3. A solar food dryer
  4. A food smoker for meat and fish
  5. A shallow well – deep well water pump
  6. An eco-friendly pest exterminator, mainly for moles and termites

We’re looking forward to meeting Dominic in August and expect that he will benefit greatly from the opportunity to interact with other appropriate technology inventors like Amy Smith of the International Development Design Summit.