MADE IN NIGERIA : The Film Project

Find a Maker, make a Film.  ‘MADE IN NIGERIA : The Film Project’ is organized by Maker Faire Africa and sponsored by INNOVATE LAGOS.

 The Challenge?  Film and edit a 3:00 – 6:00 minute film short that highlights the importance of things being made in Nigeria, and celebrates an individual who is making things by hand.


1. Download the Official Rules.
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4. Submit your film by January 31st, 2013 at midnight.














More About the Project :

Film shorts are an essential storytelling tool for building community and support around inventors and the things they make. When they go viral, they can propel a small business in one country into the public eye of another, expanding its global reach and building bridges between cultures.  When we witness the process of making, it enhances our appreciation of the item that has been made; when we identify its origins, we better understand its use.  It is this understanding that drives community around a maker and the object which she/he has made, helping to drive demand for them to keep making more.

Africa needs more of this kind of storytelling.  Its makers need to tell these stories to their country; its countries need to tell these stories to one another, and to other countries in the world.  It needs a socially connected creative community rallying around its inventors and makers as we’ve seen elsewhere in the world where making is a critical force for economic growth.  Storytelling needs storytellers and there are many to be found across the continent.  With Lagos, the heart of Nollywood, having been our host for MFA 2012, we think it’s the perfect place to kick off this project.  So Nigerian filmmakers, we’re putting this challenge to you.  Show us the inventors, the makers, the artisans of Nigeria.  Who’s making, where are they making, what are they making and why?

Show us the details of the craftsmanship found in things made by hand.  The honesty of the process, the beauty of the raw materials, and the inspiration found when that which is nothing, is turned into something beautiful and useful.  Inspire us with your stories as to what it means to be Made in Nigeria.